The office

MVSA Architects, founded in 1984, is an international office that strives for innovation in design, approach and implementation. With its renowned designs, characterised by elegant pragmatism, transparent construction and technological ingenuity, MVSA has made its mark on the international architecture landscape.

Since the 1990s MVSA’s portfolio has grown considerably, in both range and scope. Our agency’s work currently includes residential projects, offices, infrastructural projects, hotels, university buildings and hospitals.

Large-scale projects, such as high-rise and high-volume structures, are playing an increasingly dominant role in the agency’s repertoire. For ING House (2002), the visually striking, futuristic head office of the ING bank in Amsterdam, MVSA received the Netherlands Building Award, the European Award for Steel Structures and other awards. Among more recent highlights in the MVSA repertoire are New Babylon in The Hague and Rotterdam Central Station (in partnership with Team CS).

MVSA Architects approaches the design process from the starting point of the full breadth of the commission. Functionality, user comfort and feasibility all form a part of the architect’s responsibility. The design, technical process and choice of materials are therefore constantly attuned to practical and financial possibilities and limitations.

The quality of public space is always a key concern, and sustainability means much more to us than a routine brief to work energy-efficiently and with a minimal environmental footprint. MVSA creates buildings that can respond to shifting user demands and stand the test of time.

In addition to its head office in Amsterdam MVSA Architects also has an office in Switzerland.

Design approach

MVSA Architects combines entrepreneurship and dynamism with inventiveness and originality. Our approach to architecture is always solution-oriented, and takes every possible opportunity for innovation. MVSA’s designs are distinguished by their structural transparency, technological ingenuity and inspired use of materials. Our specialists keep close track of developments in the construction world, and make use of the latest insights from related disciplines such as vehicle and aviation design.
For MVSA Architects, a good building is a sustainable, durable and comfortable building. That is why we attach equal importance to both aesthetic and functional quality: from the overall design to the smallest details of exterior and interior finishing.

Wide-ranging consultations on location, (corporate) culture and the layout of public space are also key issues for MVSA. So we follow an integrated approach that facilitates optimum interaction between designers, clients, users, technicians, contractors and financiers. After all, many decisions are made in the formation of a design. We explore these choices in dialogue, so that their consequences are clarified from the very start, and throughout the process.