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Zero, Terre Bonne

Terre Bonne, Switzerland

2011 – 2016
office building with car park
Ca.6000 m² gfa (excl. parking)

Nemaco Suisse SA

The Entrance building is the latest project on the Terre Bonne business park to be developed by Nemaco Suisse SA. Strategically located at the entrance of the business park, along the edge of the site, the building is designed to be a beacon: as an architectural overture for the building strip planned on the northern side of the Terre Bonne site.

The building has a triangular footprint, its fluid form is conceived to react to its environs in a natural manner. The building is a three level structure.
A pond featuring a beautiful artwork is located along the main elevation. The covered entrance court, which is raised by half a level, provides entrance to the different wings of the building. Located along the southern side and sheltered from the prevailing winds this courtyard provides an ideal spot for lunch in the sun.

The western side of the building connects with the rest of the main office strip and the pedestrian path that runs through the business park like a string of beads, and thus connecting it to for instance to the central building Z1 with its restaurant. The full height glass facades will provide ample daylight onto the office floors and offer spectacular views. Lake Geneva can be seen from the first and second floor.
The dynamically designed aluminium balustrade transforms into large overhanging canopies to protect against direct sunlight and keeping the office building cool in the summer. The building will comply with the strict Swiss (Minergie) sustainability standards.
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