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Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station

Sloterdijk, Amsterdam

2010 - 2011
City of Amsterdam

In recent decades, stations at international level have made a transformation of simple but effective transfer machines to multifunctional and multimodal area centers. In the Netherlands this process in recent years gained momentum especially with the arrival of the trains Hispeed. Stations such as Breda, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Arnhem are currently undergoing important changes, which in addition to expansion and adaptation of the stations on the Hispeed trains, a huge quality leap is realized. The functionality of these public transport nodes is greatly enlarged. The stations are transformed into modern and well equipped business hubs. Representative field centers that act as modern meeting places.

Sloterdijk is a major multi-modal public transport node and the western gateway to Amsterdam. For travelers coming from Schiphol Airport is Sloterdijk literally and figuratively is the window on Amsterdam. The new Sloterdijk Station is an important urban link, and the throbbing heart of the Teleport area, where 35,000 people come in future work.

The renewed Sloterdijk will be an important impetus to the development of a high quality urban station area, the Teleport area, and close in a natural way to the developments in the station area. It is a transparent and orderly station with a powerful and unified architecture that contributes to the new identity of the Teleport area.

The atmosphere of the new Sloterdijk station is friendly and warm.
In the station and Orly Square there is ample space for (indoor) gardens that greatly contribute to the ambience and experience of the station but also an integral part of the climate concept. They provide for the regulation of humidity in the terminal and they serve as ecological sanitation. Rain and wastewater is collected and purified in the (indoor) gardens using plants and microorganisms. Through information and the possibility of fulfilling these tours open to the public gardens, an educational function. Together with the wooden roof and wooden floors, a cozy ambience in which the traveler in a natural way is called a warm welcome.
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