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Atrium Building

Strawinskylaan, Zuidas, Amsterdam

2014 – 2017

Icon Real Estate

Offices existing (renovation) 39,000m², offices new 25,000m²,  retail 5,000m², parking 530 parking spaces

The Atrium is an office complex of exceptional quality and located on the prestigious Zuidas. The city of Amsterdam has recently approved a large-scale urban development plan that will transform the area into one of the largest public transport hubs in the Netherlands. New connections and public routes place the Atrium at the heart of these developments and legitimize an expansion of the existing program, as well as upgrading the existing building.

The current building is characterized by a clear structure, where office spaces are organized around the three green atria of the building. The proposed interventions are seamlessly connected with the existing building. New entrances and public spaces will be created through the addition of a large podium  which is programmed with retail and service facilities. In the final phase of development the existing Atrium will be embraced by the new extensions.  The renewed Atrium will reactivate the public space of the Zuidas and the Strawinskylaan.
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