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KEMA Head- quarters

Utrechtseweg, Arnhem

1993 – 1996
Reception, offices, conference and meeting rooms, underground parking
Ca. 3350 m² gfa

N.V. KEMA, Arnhem

The headquarters is situated in a hilly, densely wooded area of the KEMA business park. The landscape was the main source of inspiration for the design. The building contrasts with its surroundings, but its location and the strong connection between interior and exterior integrate it flexibly with the landscape.
The diverse functions of the building are reflected in the form and the materials: a concrete plinth encloses the partly submerged indoor car park, black basalt is used for the two storeys containing office space, glass is used for the conference rooms on the second floor, and glass plus silver-anodized aluminium for the strongly cantilevered directors’ suite on the third floor.
The building is a composition of contrasts, not only as regards its form and materials but also in its alternation of closed and open volumes. In distinction to the visual design with its many contrasts, the ground plans are straightforward and the circulation routes are self-explanatory. Glazed footbridges in the open entrance foyer link the staircases and lift to the working areas and conference rooms.
Another important quality of this project is its advanced energy-saving design.

Landscape architect: Bureau B+B Urban Development and Landscape Architecture bv


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