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La Grande Cour

Westerdoksdijk, Amsterdam

2000 – 2008

City Cour Combination
253 apartments (owner-occupied and rental), ca. 2,500 m² commercial space (incl. creative workspaces and restaurants), underground car park with 263 parking bays. Ca. 46,800 m² gfa

In collaboration with Heren 5 architecten BV, Amsterdam and de Architekten Cie., Amsterdam

BNA Buidling of the year 2008 - Region Noord-West/Centrum
Winner NEPROM award 2009 (for regional and urban development)

La Grande Cour is part of Westerdokseiland, a new development comprising some 900 new dwellings plus shops, cafes and restaurants. The spatial masterplan for Westerdokseiland was drawn up by Peter Defesche (OD205), who divided the island into four blocks with metropolitan-style development on the northern side and smaller-scale development on the side facing the city. The masterplan for one of these four blocks, La Grande Cour, was entrusted to MVSA. La Grande Cour comprises 250 dwellings, 2500 m² of street-level commercial space and an underground car park.
The dwellings are organized around three courtyards. Large openings ensure that most dwellings have views through the courtyards, thereby making it possible to deliver pleasant dwellings despite the high density (300 dwellings per hectare). For the same reason, the tall buildings in the spatial masterplan were designed as ‘periscopes’ that cantilever above the perimeter buildings to focus on the panoramic views. There is a great variety of dwelling types in several categories, from subsidized rental to upmarket owner-occupied dwellings.
The architecture of the block was designed by three different architectural practices, MVSA itself, Heren 5 and de Architekten Cie. Each plan area includes a courtyard and it is here that the individual architectural styles are most in evidence. External architectural unity was achieved through continuous consultation during the planning process. The architects also consulted on the internal layout and circulation, with the result that some external walkways and corridors continue through the three different wings.
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