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Offices Atos Origin

Philips High Tech Campus,
Prof. Holstlaan 100

2002 – 2005

Two office buildings: offices, reception area
Ca 14.500 m² gfa

Philips Electonica NL, Exploitatie Maatschappij PHTC,

In 2002 MVSA won a select design competition for the commission to design new offices for Atos Origin. The project was to design four offices and work buildings, which needed to accommodate approximately 23,000 m2 of gross floor space. The project located in the southern part of the campus is to be implemented in stages. The first stage consisted of two buildings with a total area of 12,500 m2.
For the High Tech Campus, Philips developed a highly landscaped master plan, which stipulated that all of the buildings located in the southern part of the site were to be rectangular in volume and no greater than 6 storeys in height. Most importantly, the buildings had to have a strong relationship with the surrounding landscape and context.

The architecture of the Atos Origin buildings is sober and neutral. The elevation is layered, and is composed of partly transparent (glass) and partly translucent (plastic coffers) panels. The use of glass and translucent plastic is sustainable, and the colour – light green – is reserved, which allows the landscape to give colour and infiltrate the buildings.
A central green corridor at ground level connects the two buildings. The entrance zones of both buildings are directly adjacent to this route. Inside the building the cores are centrally placed, so locally the grid can be broadened and all rooms can receive daylight at all times.
As with other office buildings in the campus, the Atos Origin buildings contain only offices and workrooms. There are no canteen or conference facilities. These functions have been deliberately removed from each building and placed centrally in the series of buildings called the Strip, as a move to stimulate the cooperation and social interaction of the Philips staff.

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