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Bar Nauta Dutilh

Bar Nauta Dutilh
Weena 750, Rotterdam

Furnishing and fitting interior bar (195 m²)

Nauta Dutilh Lawyers/Notaries/Tax Consultants

While designing the interior of the Amsterdam main office of Nauta Dutilh Lawyers/Notaries/Tax Consultants, MVSA were commissioned to design the new bar for the company’s Rotterdam branch office. The same overall design concept as in the ‘Amsterdam’ scheme was interpreted for the furnishing and fitting of the company’s bar and lounge area. The design emphasises this distinction between the introvert and extravert parts of the interior. The office floors and conference spaces are introvert, to emphasize the organisation’s collective nature.

The bar and lounge are the more extravert, public part of the building, with a prestigious and outgoing character. The contrast between the introvert and extravert appearance of the interior is further enhanced by playing with transparency and secrecy.
Glass screened panels filter the light from outside but also enable different spaces within the bar, such as the lounge and entrance/cloakroom area, to be to closed off.
The dark natural stone and white walls and cabinets create a strong spatial experience within which coloured lighting accentuates individual atmospheres. These colour accents are also reflected in the furniture and upholstery, which are made of luxurious leather.

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