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Housing Verolme

Alblasserwerf, Alblasserdam

2002 – 2010
201 apartments and underground parking

AM Wonen, Rotterdam

Since time immemorial, the area around the 'Drecht cities' of South Holland has been dedicated to shipping. This hinterland of Rotterdam contains many shipyards. In Alblasserdam, on the banks of the Noord river, was a large wharf belonging to shipbuilder Verolme. The wharf lay between the old centre of the village and the Noord river. After the wharf was closed it became the ideal location for the development of an area of housing, both as an overspill area for the population of Alblasserdam and to attract people from outside.

The building with its 201 apartments has been designed as two interlinked L-shaped forms, and so encompasses two raised areas: a section laid out as a garden on the Alblas river for the residents of the building and a more public square on the former crane tracks, with steps down to the water of the Noord river. Beneath this deck are a garage for 260 cars and the storage rooms and technical areas of the building. The materials used for the various types of home are designed to unify the building, with screened glass balustrades giving an abstracted image of the water but become transparent at the positions of the balconies. The windows are designed as strips, with larger panorama windows occasionally penetrating the balustrades. In this context the glass minimises staining and weathering, and creates an interplay with the reflections of the water.
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