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Quadrant dwellings Jasonpark

Ismenestraat / Hilligersberg, Rotterdam

1996 – 1999
20 houses (each 100-150 m² gfa)

Bontenbal Bouw bv, Reeuwijk

In Jasonpark, a residential development in the north of Rotterdam, five blocks with a total of twenty units were built. The five closely-spaced blocks together form a discontinuous strip that demarcates the district. Each block contains four three-storey dwellings.
The dwellings in each block climb in a spiral around a central services shaft. The dwellings are thus oriented to all points of the compass, and they all have a share of direct sunlight. The rotation and overlapping of the units produces interesting spatial relationships and lines of sight within the dwellings. Each block contains two different unit types, a ‘vide’ dwelling and a ‘patio’ dwelling. The former type contains a vertical space or ‘vide’ containing an open staircase, which provides a spatial link between the garden room and the living room at a higher level. The second floor of the dwelling contains the bedrooms. The character of the patio dwelling changes from an open living room on the ground floor to bedrooms intimately arranged around a rooftop patio on the second floor. The privacy of the dwellings is enhanced by the placing of the window openings so as to prevent visual intrusion into the neighbouring gardens. The structure of the dwellings can be seen on the outside of the blocks in the subtle differences in the bonding of the brickwork.

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