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Nesselande New Port


2004 - 2010
Apartment complex with 194 apartments

Multi development, Gouda
Van Omme en De Groot, Rotterdam

This apartment complex, which includes a tower block, is made up of 194 homes for rental and sale divided over five areas: Tower, Lake Front, Plaza, East Lane and Common Green. The building also contains an underground car park and bicycle storage area, shops and other facilities. The lower section of the Miami development consists of six storeys, with a plinth housing commercial areas at ground level. In the tower block, which rises to 20 storeys, there are three apartments on each floor.

The facade is made of natural stone, giving the building allure and contributing to the atmosphere of a seaside resort. Of course it is also an extremely durable material, which has a long usable life and needs little maintenance. The balconies on the south side – the Common Green – are screened with glass balustrades, creating a visual coherence with the adjacent block F.

The residents of Miami can enjoy views of a large courtyard garden that is a haven of peace. The wedge shapes incorporated in the design enable some of the installations of the lower-lying shops to be incorporated into the garden area in an effective and aesthetically pleasing way, while also adding three-dimensionality and a spacious feel to the courtyard. The wooden deck is a spot for recreation and relaxation. Residents on the first floor on the Plaza side have a south-facing terrace, with the design and detailing of the screening once again providing coherence with the rest of the development.
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