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Einde van de Wereld

Residential housing
Sumatrakade, Java-eiland

1997 – 2000

29 owner-occupies apartments, 2 business spaces, 1 restaurant, underground parking
Ca 3200 m² gfa

Olympus Group Housing Association, Amsterdam
Latei, Amersfoort

This housing project occupies the site of a building called Het Einde van de Wereld (‘The End of the World’). The original intention was to retain this building as a reminder of the history of the Eastern Docks district of Amsterdam. Eventually, however, it was decided to demolish the old building and replace it with a new one.
The new 9-storey building rises above its neighbours and contains 29 one or two bedroom units. The ground floor contains two commercial spaces and a café/restaurant that extends to the glazed extension on the inner site. The units are maisonettes that are arranged along three corridors on the second, fifth and eighth floor levels. Each corridor offers a different kind of view of the River IJ and Java Island. The lift, with a glass-walled shaft on one side, also offers a view of the River IJ. Each dwelling consists of one and a half storeys: a half storey adjacent to the corridor and a whole one above or below it. This gives them a double orientation, both towards the River IJ and the south-facing internal gardens.
The aubergine-coloured wall opens at the fifth floor level in a tall archway and loggia. The inner walls of the recess are lined with red panelling. The French windows with glass balustrades lie flush with the front facade, as do the vertical strip windows of the stairwell and lift shaft. This reinforces the clean lines of the brickwork and contrasts strongly with the deep reveals of the windows.

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