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Meyson office/ showroom

Noorderdreef 50

1996 – 1998
Reception, design studio, offices, conference room, canteen, workshop
Ca 700 m² gfa

Meyson Vastgoed bv, Nieuw-Vennep

An extension was planned adjoining Meyson’s existing warehouse in order to house a design studio, a canteen, a meeting area and offices.
MVSA decided to design a simple main volume. Sun-shading elements of six metres in length are placed in front of a glass facade with wooden window frames. The panels are of perforated aluminium (50%). These elements can be opened and closed by hand, so creating an ever-changing appearance through their different angles of rotation. When the panels are fully closed the building forms a clean-lined aluminium box. To emphasise this box shape, the windows on the short exterior walls are placed at equal distances from each other. This means that the ground floor has one window opening at eye level and one against the ceiling, while the second storey has one window at knee height and one in the middle of the wall. The building’s simple character is further emphasised by the fact that it seems to float a few centimetres above ground level. The building can be entered via a slender footbridge.
The building’s interior has a sober, open and light character. On the ground floor, on a double-height floor level, are the design studio and an area for applying stickers to cars and other sizeable objects. At the rear of the building, offices and meeting areas are located on both the ground and the first floors. The canteen is situated on the first floor. The use of open areas and clear or sandblasted glass ensures an optimal entry of light into the interior.


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