Projects -

Extra Verde

Den Haag

2008 - 2011

Offices, meeting and conference rooms, restaurant, parking structure and bicycle shed
Ca. 5,500m² gfa (not including the parking structure)

Nederlandse Hartstichting (Dutch Heart Foundation)

OVG Project Development

A new business park is being developed between the A12 motorway and the Plas van Reef lake. A row of office towers will form a barrier between the green surroundings of the lake on one side and the motorway and the railroad line on the other. The new office building for the Dutch Heart Foundation will be constructed on a prominent vacant lot in front of this row. The design aims to create a ‘healthy’ building in the broadest sense of the word. Apart from the fact that this is the first building in the Netherlands to have been awarded a Breeam Excellent score, it is also an office that evokes healthy usage. It will become an open air office, every floor having a large terrace as an extension to the work space. Inviting open stairs in the central glass atrium will connect the three storeys of the building.

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