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Parc Signy

Nyon, Switzerland

2007 – 2014

offices, hotels, wellness + fitness centre, retail. Ca. 60.000 m² gfa.

The project Parc Signy, in Signy and Grens, lies in the rolling landscape between Lake Geneva and the mountainous border of France. In the business park seven buildings are grouped along a broad axis, each containing functions such as offices,  hotels, a wellness centre, fitness, a restaurant, leisure activities, retail and small scale shops.
The buildings have a long and low layout, and as a consequence either merge into the landscape or pop up above it. The 60 degree twisting movements in the ground plan create alternating open and more enclosed areas around the central promenade. The entrances of the buildings are always located along this axis.
In the master plan and architectural design a lot of attention is paid to climatic insulation, layout of functions, orientation of the buildings, use of materials, as well of course the regaining and storage of energy. The whole project is set up according to the standards of the Swiss Minergie (eco/plus) and strives toward a carbon-free footprint.

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