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Apartment complex De Aker

Ladogameerhof / Nisserstraat / Inaristraat,  Amsterdam

1996 - 1999

99 apartments: 66 owner-occupied and 33 rental apartments.

Building corporation Amsterdam/Bouwwerk, Amsterdam

MVSA designed three of the nine strips of housing perpendicular to the main road through De Aker. Two of the buildings consist of private sector units (sale) and the third consists of social sector units (rental). The social units are apartments with two to four bedrooms and the private sector homes are mainly maisonettes.
The architectural design of the three strips plays with the brief perception of passing motorists and the view of pedestrians passing along the promenade and past or beneath the blocks. From the road, the motorist sees three bright red objects with a segmented metallic body behind them, through which a red mass can be seen. The pedestrian walking along the other side not only sees more nuances in the architecture but will also undergo a stronger spatial experience as the promenade passes partly beneath the blocks.
The two strips with social housing units each consist of three parts: a dark volume of matt split-faced stone resting in water, a glossy volume (perpendicular to the first volume) clad with  grey shaped metal sheets alternating with red facades on the galleries, and a taller metal-clad section rising on stilts over the promenade. In the block of social housing, the latter two parts merge seamlessly into one another. A different layout and access method, with a gallery on each storey, gives this block a different form and a different skin.
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