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Public Library Almere

Stadhuisplein 101, Almere

2001 - 2010


Public building containing public library, offices, a strategic reserve, shops, 30 apartments and a garden. Ca. 20.300 m² gfa.

Library: City of Almere
Shops: MAB
Dwellings: Blauwhoed

2010    Winner Architecture Award Almere
2010    Winner Library of the Year

Block 3, a multi-use development in Almere’s new city core, is centred around the new public library and comprises an apartment complex and shopping area. The wedge-shaped site occupies a prominent position next to the town hall.

As the centrepiece of the block, the library is unequivocally present on all sides. A figure of eight ground plan and the combination of several loops give a resolute clarity and flexibility. There is a 2000 m² strategic reserve for the library with a separate street entrance that can easily be incorporated should the library need to expand. The internal finishing is low-key, emphasising the spatial experience.

The design of the façades and the interior treated the building as a monolith. Large skylights and glass walls make for an inviting and lucid interior in constant contact with the outside world. The closed façade sections consist of concrete elements with stone aggregate and a variety of textured finishes. The apartments are a clearly distinguishable element of the whole. They enjoy sweeping views from the town hall to the Weerwater lake or over the courtyard garden, while having a comfortable distance to the public space of the library.
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