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Apartment complex Beekpark

Roggestraat, Apeldoorn

1997 - 2001
Apartments (1.600m²), Offices ( 4.000m²), commercial space (1.000m²), underground parking (20.000m²)

Parkstad Real Estate Development, Zwolle

The ‘Beekpark’ project is a contemporary multipurpose building. Unlike similar buildings dating from the seventies, where several functions were put up in one space, this project has a separate space for each independent function. On the ground level elements of the individual spaces, such as the fronts and the entrances, overlap. The building comprises a car park for approximately 700 cars, office space, commercial space on ground level and 15 apartments. The different functions in the building complement one another. The combination of functions has made it possible to create a car park in the centre of town, opposite of the cultural heart of the city, without the negative image that is often connected to it. The offices, dwellings and car park profit from their combined entrances, common heating system and shared structure. The office- and residential functions determine the view of the building from the city. In order to weld the various components into a whole use has been made of one façade system, which envelops the building in a homogenous skin. Through its detailing and composition however, the façade subtly reveals the functions contained inside. Perforated steel replaces glass for the car park; a taut, rhythmic composition of window openings alternating with patios is used for the office façade and the protruding window frames of the dwellings along the Roggestraat give these a distinctly vertical and more small-scale articulation. The perforated steel panels of the car park façade allow a filtered view of the cars inside. The glazed façade of the offices creates a moderate climate in which the windows can easily be opened.
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