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Housing Vespucci straat

Vespuccistraat, Amsterdam

1992 - 1995

Social housing: 60 apartments and 5 commercial spaces

Building corporation Het Oosten, Amsterdam

MVSA’s first housing project is located in the Mercator neighbourhood, dating from the 1920’s. The complex consists of two blocks in Vespuccistraat, containing sixty apartments and five shops, and an adjacent block with 21 dwellings in Bartholomeus Diazstraat.

In the two blocks in Vespuccistraat, the apartments are raised by half a storey to isolate them somewhat from the bustle of the daily street market. A frame clad in grey aluminium is erected on the building line and acts as a screen for the facade behind it. The black glass balustrades of the balconies lie in the plane of this frame, as does the steel grid which supports the staggered balconies.
With their slightly retreating corner towers, the two blocks form an almost symmetrical pair towards the market square. For the firm, this is an unusually direct reference to the historic monumentality of the square. The living rooms face the street and the bedrooms are at the rear. Staircases, which connect to the continuous galleries, are situated between the towers and the smaller blocks perpendicular to Vespuccistraat.
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