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Offices Deloitte


2010 - 2012

Volker Wessels

Offices, meeting and conference areas, restaurant, car park and bicycle storage
Ca.  8100m² gfa (excluding car park)

The urban development context for the Taatsen office complex is classical in nature, with strictly defined planning conditions. The design for the Deloitte Office building is in harmony with the spatial vocabulary of this development. The ground floor with the entrance hall and restaurant is completely transparent.
The cantilevered first floor extends for three metres over the pavement; the glass-walled overhanging areas housing meeting areas. Between them, inviting terraces provide the required outdoor areas next to the meeting centre, as well as a covered walkway for passersby below.
Above and below the terraces, recessed openings create internal spatial relationships between the storeys and allow ample sunlight into the central zones of the office storeys.
The facades are of dark grey granite with subtle differences in the finishing of the different facades. The three-storey car park is located behind the building. It has a  moss-sedum roof and its facades have the same quality of detailing as the office section.

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