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The Monarch

Beatrixlaan, The Hague

2011 – 2013/2014

Offices, retail and facilities in three new building volumes. Total area ca. 55.000 m² gfa. Underground parking ca. 17.000 m² gfa.

Development corporation ‘De Monarch’, a joint venture of Provast and ASR Real Estate Development

The project is located in the Beatrixkwartier, a modern area that combines residential, commercial and leisure functions in the Bezuidenhout district in The Hague. It is right in between the Prinses Beatrixlaan and the Utrechtsebaan, the first segment of the A12 that spans between The Hague and Utrecht. The identity of the area is characterized by the presence of a series of high rise buildings occupied by several renowned companies such as ING, Nationale Nederlanden, KPN, and TNT Post.

In this environment, a series of 3 individual triangular towers will arise. Taking advantage of the diverse surrounding views, the towers have an omnidirectional orientation.The facades are interrupted by large window frames on several floors to emphasize specific areas of the natural and built environment of Den Haag, such as the Central Station, the Haagse Bos and the skyline of The Hague’s city center.

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