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offices, company restaurant, parking facilities. 'W’ building: 4,150m² gfa, ‘J’ building: 5,750m² gfa, 170 parking places

DHG Vastgoed, Jumbo

Jumbo and Wärtsilä have their core business in the maritime industry. The maritime character of the two companies was a key starting point for the project. The two companies are housed in a pair of separate buildings above a shared parking level. The buildings share a common design vocabulary, focused on the views over the water and the activity of the harbour area.

The entrance square for both buildings is at the head of the Havenstraat. The facades on the north side form a compact volume, with alternating strips of balustrades and glass. Two broad stairways and an access ramp on the west side lead to the spacious deck, which forms an integral component of the volume and also acts as an outdoor terrace.

This interplay of lines is amplified still further on the south side of the buildings, where they open themselves out towards the water. Large outdoor terraces, which are on a split level thanks to variations in the floor height, are located on both sides. The volumes are rounded off by roof awnings that extend far out from the building to provide shading from the sun.

The buildings stand in a perfectly attuned relationship to the water. The Nieuwe Maas, with its passing ships and its surrounding harbours, is clearly visible from the interior of the entire building. Conversely, the buildings and the business activities of Jumbo and Wärtsilä have a clear visual identity when seen from the water.
Jumbo originally had its premises in Rotterdam’s city centre. Now the employees’ passion for their work is made even stronger by the building and its relationship with its surroundings: the new head office is highly valued as a pleasant working environment by the employees.
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