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't Blauwe Meer

Loon op Zand, Netherlands

2011 - 2014

Two event buildings: main pavilion with 4 multifunctional exhibition and congress rooms fully supported with catering facilities. Ca. 3,840 m² gfa. Field building containing supporting functions. Ca. 780m² gfa.

Experience-Island 't Blauwe Meer

Experience-Island 't Blauwe Meer is the largest outdoor event complex in the Benelux. Located on a 50 hectare site on the outskirts of Tilburg, the site contains two beautiful lakes with white sandy beaches surrounded by dense forests and off road tracks. The site offers a variety of outdoor and indoor activities catering for individual, family and group events. This beautiful green location is unique in the Netherlands for such events.

The current facilities have diverse functions spread over a number of buildings on the site. The concept of this design is to combine the facilities into two buildings, which will bring clarity and order to this spectacular site. The main pavilion floats over the threshold of the lake and the white sandy beach maximises the spectacular setting. The organic shaped building contains four multifunctional rooms. Catering for a variety of functions such as conference, presentations, dinners and party hire.
Three of the rooms are located on the ground floor and the fourth located on the first floor offering a secluded setting with views over the surroundings. All of the rooms have direct access to external lounges and terraces overlooking the lake. The entrance and reception is centrally located and provides direct access to all of the function rooms through a double height atrium and lounge setting. The largest multifunction room which is double height contains a podium and stage facilities, offering the possibility to hold exhibitions, theatre productions and concerts. The expressive form of the building has two distinctive characters, the entrance side is a curved sloping dynamic wall which is conceals the views and provides one opening for the entrance. The water side floats over the water and is open and transparent in form and material expression.

The field building, sunken half into the ground, is deliberately restrained in its form to minimise its impact on the beautiful surroundings. The rectangular building contains a variety of functions such as a workshop, diving school, changing facilities and storage rooms. This building has a flat grass roof with a roof terrace that overlooks the beaches.
The great deal of attention has been placed on the sustainability of the design through material choices and energy usage.

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