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Haga Hospital

The Hague

2012 – 2015

New building for children hospital and Mother & Child center operation complex, the heart and vascular center, and the second phase of the existing hospital’s renovation. Ca. 37,500m² gfa.

Haga Hospital, The Hague


This project forms the second phase of the renewal of the Haga Hospital. Haga is one of the largest general hospitals in the Netherlands. The project comprises of the Design, Build & Maintain of the new Juliana Children Hospital and the second phase of the existing hospital’s renovation. Also the technical maintenance of the whole hospital will be implemented by the consortium VolkerWesselsHaga for the coming 20 years.

The design’s main setup is based upon the wish to bring the Hospital’s different divisions together in one new location. The single volume of the building mass has been shaped into three interconnecting building volumes. On the inside, the three building volumes are penetrated by atriums with bridge zones that connect the opposite sides. At the same time the bridge zone literally connects, not only functionally but also as a meeting point and arrival zone for the hospital departments.

Light and orientation play a significant role in the design. Making the building transparent by ending corridors with windows providing light and outlook and through the provision of daylight through the atrium sky lights. The design is developed in accordance to the Planetree healing concept by which the Haga Hospital operates. Besides light, good orientation, hospitality and professionalism the idea of feeling at home plays a central role.


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