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Shoebaloo Utrecht

Lijnmarkt 39,


Shoe store interior
Ca. 165 m² gfa

Shoebaloo bv, Amsterdam

The seventh branch of the high-end designer shoe and handbag store SHOEBALOO is located in the Lijnmarkt shopping street in Utrecht city centre. The buildings on the Lijnmarkt are predominantly deep, and this had a specific influence on this design. The design of the facade is in keeping with the total concept of the store. Just as in the SHOEBALOO stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht, shoppers step from the street into another world; a dark world in which the shoes are illuminated like jewels in recesses in the walls.

The store is long and narrow, with a black floor and ceiling and dark walls. The side walls feature hexagonal elements, joined together in a honeycomb structure, that seem to float like clouds. By giving these elements varying relative depths, a spatial effect is created.
The display elements have an undulating structure, shifting in height and depth, and in this way they are also folded around the display cabinets that are built into the walls. A very special display case is placed as an eye-catcher on the rear wall at the end of the store. It is in the form of an emerald-cut diamond, and is made of specially ground glass.

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