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  • Hi-MACS: The making of SHOEBALOO Koningsplein

    Visiting the new store is like entering a totally different futuristic white world. MVSA’s concept was to sculpture the space out of one single material. Hi-MACS proved to be the right material for the project.

    In this video Baars & Bloemhoff, supplier of Hi-MACS, interview MVSA’s project architect Harry van den Berg about the use of this material for the new SHOEBALOO Flagship Store in Amsterdam.

  • New Babylon, a challanging high-rise project

    New Babylon is the result of a transformation from a closed and introverted 1970s building into a 21st-century, high-rise cityscape, seamlessly integrating prime work and living space with a vibrant cityscape, and connecting the building’s users and an ever-growing international community. A challenging high-rise project on a limited footprint.

  • CTBUH interview with Roberto Meyer

    7 11 2013
    Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

    video courtesy of CTBUH

    Roberto Meyer describes New Babylon, a Finalist for Best Tall Building Europe, as a dialogue between old and new. He discusses the integration of the renovated building with the existing structures.

  • Nieuwbouw Harm Buiterplein

    Ambitious goals and requirements were set for the new Groningen city council office at the Harm Buiterplein site, in terms of its hospitality, functionality, image and sustainability. The client’s wishes were transformed into a meticulously designed and innovatively constructed building. It resulted in one very satisfied customer and serves as a prime example of sustainable construction.

  • SOZAWE opens its doors

    On Monday December 2nd SOZAWE in Groningen opened its doors for the public.
    The new municipal public services building houses several departments of the City of Groningen, as well as the UWV (Public Employment Service) and the Groningse Kredietbank. Around 650 staff members work in the building. The varies services are arranged around the central plaza in the main atrium.

  • Interview Roberto Meyer for VG Visie 2013

    Roberto Meyer is guest editor for VG Visie 6. Erwin Asselman, publisher of VG Visie, interviews Roberto in Level Leiden last June as the building is being fited with the new interior design and during the photo shoot for the magazine.

  • Holland's highest flag pole on top of New Babylon

    On Koninginnedag (Queensday) 2012  the Dutch flag was hoisted on the highest flag pole of the Netherlands. The raising of the flag was a collective gesture of New Babylon's inhabitants. The flag pole is mounted on top of the City Tower and reaches up to 158 meters. In March 2012 the flag pole was placed on the roof of the City Tower, which is the tallest apartment tower of The Hague.

  • Ministry of Finance

    The renovation of the Ministry of Finance transformed the bulky, inward-looking block, dating from 1975, into a new and modern office building, providing office space for 1,750 employees as well as meeting rooms, a library, a restaurant and parking and sport facilities underground.

  • Skytower

    The design for the Skytower meets the demand for an icon in the Overhoeks district of Amsterdam North. The great potential of the North district, and the close proximity of the river IJ and the historic city centre, call for a dramatic design. The concept draws upon its immediate and wider surroundings, and transposes them into the development’s design principles.

  • ING House

    Transparency is one of the main characteristics of the modern headquarters for the ING Group. At first sight, transparency might be thought to clash with the requirement to design a sustainable, energy-efficient building.It was therefore decided to provide the main volume with a double-skin facade and to apply the most innovative available building technologies.

  • Rotterdam centraal

    Rotterdam Central is part of the European network of high-speed railway lines and a nodal point in the city itself. This dual relationship, with the city and with Europe, gives the station and the station precinct a special dimension. At Rotterdam Central, European travellers enter the Netherlands and Dutch travellers enter Europe.